We are a Malaysian company with presence in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Thailand and Singapore. Our founder is a Malaysian that started his career with an old APPLE IIe in school provided by Malaysian government ... from there, he has polished his computer, software and information technology skills until to date of more than 2 decades.

We are a comprehensive Information Technology and Software company giving consultation and serving clients around Asia in the latest Information and Internet Technology.

# Business Solution #

# Marketing, Branding & Creative Solution #

# Software customization, ICT consultation and Project Management Specialist #

# Counseling, Training, Seminars and Enrichments #

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We are Software, Information Technology and Industrie 4.0 systems designer of Cyber Physical Systems utilising Internet and Software technologies to mobilised and improved your productivity and management.
Contact us if you need a solution with active and responsive systems and moving towards futuristics of Industry 4.0 revolution.

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We are hiring Programmers and Illustrators; Marcom Executives and Teachers...
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